Triathlon Irelands One Day Licensing system can be used to purchase One Day Licences by all competitors who require them. All participants who are not Triathlon Ireland members must purchase their one day license when entering our race.

See below for more details:

Pre Race Information:

                Start Time:         Saturday 9th June 2018
                Race Type:         Sprint Distance Triathlon
                Race Distance:  750m Open Fresh Water Swim
                                            20Km Bike
                                            5Km Run
                Race Fee:           €50 

                Race Licence:    A Triathlon Ireland One Day Race Licence is required for
                                            all competitors who do not have a racing licence (Student,
                                            Junior, Full Membership)

                                            Relay teams require just one licence between the team
                                            (One Day Licence or Triathlon Ireland Membership)


Race Refunds are processed by Triathlon Ireland on request from us the race organisers. All refund applications should therefore be directed to us in the first instance and we will arrange with Triathlon Ireland to have your race entry refunded to your account.

If you wish to withdraw from the race we are happy to refund the full race entry cost up to 5pm on Friday 1st June. 
Withdrawals after that date are non refundable!! A race place vacated after this date will automatically be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Race places cannot be transferred to anyone else as it is only fair that those who have been languishing on the waiting list have the opportunity to avail of freed-up places. We apply this policy strictly as we always have a huge waiting list of eager people looking for a race entry.

All competitors must show their Triathlon Ireland membership card at registration.  This card is grey in colour.
If you do not have your membership card, please contact the Triathlon Ireland office at least one week prior to the race so that they can post out a card to you. 
If you do not have a Full, Student or Junior membership card, you must pre-purchase a One Day Licence through the Triathlon Ireland website.  This must be purchased by midnight the Friday before the race. 
Any competitor who cannot show their Triathlon Ireland membership card (grey in colour) or a One Day Licence at registration, will not be allowed to race as they will not be covered by insurance.
Do not wait until the week before the race to apply for your TI membership as you will not receive your card in time.  Please apply for your TI membership at least 2-3 weeks before the race to ensure you receive your card in time.  If you do not have your card at least one week before the race, please contact the Triathlon Ireland office on 01 276 4934 so that they can arrange to have a card sent to yo in time for the race. 
Print out of your TI membership will not be accepted at registration, you must have your card
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JUNE 9th 2018